Terry's Toffee Sampler

Terry's Toffee

Terry's Toffee Sampler Mix

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What’s included?
Savor Lincoln Park Toffee Sampler Mix, includes Pretzel & Sea Salt, Lavenilla, Koffee & Peanut Butter Chocolate
Amazing WackerPop – almond toffee coated popcorn drizzled with dark chocolate
Chocolate Dipped Oreos - *GLUTEN FREE oreos hand-dipped in gourmet Guittard Chocolate (milk & dark)

Additional Info

(1-2 servings): 1/4lb Savor Lincoln Park Sampler Mix, includes 8oz bag of Amazing WackerPop, 4 chocolate dipped oreos (*gluten free)
(4-6 servings): 1/2lb Savor Lincoln Park Sampler Mix, two 8oz bags of Amazing WackerPop, 8 chocolate dipped oreos (*gluten free)

Available for Saturday morning pick-up only (April 24 or May 1).

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Terry's Toffee

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